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Crystal Junkie Workshops
Love crystals and gemstones?   Me Too!
This is for you!  Learn with Crystal Junkie Jolie DeMarco
Crystal Junkie 101 Learn about 66 crystal and how they work for your you!
The Basics
Learn how crystals are formed and how they affect us as humans for healing. Crystal are like vitamins for  our bodies & soul.  Enrich your life with learning how gemstones, crystals and minerals can rock your world! Jolie DeMarco teaches you about 66 incredible crystals that work perfectly  in harmony with the human body. Get schooled on the frequencies that crystals hold and emit to change your moods and more.

Crystal Junkie102 Crystal Healing Certification
Learn how & why crystals in certain combinations work with our human bodies, our energy centers called Chakras and energy fields ( auras).  Receive facts and fun DIY projects to interact in the process of  2 types  of  Crystal healing techniques. We facilitate the Crystal healings in this class! Experience the vibes/frequencies  of crystals!  Join  Jolie int this amazing, incredible 
Rockin’ workshop includes materials such as a workbook and  must have crystals ,  to use in this course*.
*Crystal sets varies for each segment level
Crystal Junkie Grid Master Certification
Learn the intricate  details of how to create Crystal body Layouts for wellness and  positive insights along with Gridding spaces and places!  During this course you will be learning High Vibes Crystal Healing for your own use and others as a practitioner/master.   Practicing full sessions on yourself and others to become a Master Crystal healer. Receive a full “Crystal stash” kit- this Includes 12 amazing crystals with “Stash Box” ,a workbook on “How to chart your/clients success.” Learn how to grid  your workspace, home and yards! and special tips on how to use crystals in everyday life.

You will be ready to book appointments after this Rockin’ workshop.
 Become a  Certified Master Crystal Healer & registered  Crystal Junkie !

Crystals feel amazing!

Look for Special pricing  on Crystal Junkie.com website™

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