Exploring Your Psychic Intuition 

29 Oct 2016
Exploring Your Psychic Intuition 

Have you ever heard a little voice in your head, telling you to do or not do something? That’s your intuition – that ability to understand something immediately, beyond conscious reasoning or logic. It can be difficult in our culture, where we have learned to use rationality as the basis for making decisions, to “give it up,” so to speak, to that gut feeling. But that little voice often comes from our higher self, which is more powerful and knowing than our human self. Believe it or not, everyone has psychic abilities to some degree. Learning to harness your psychic intuition can help you advance greatly in your life through.

Full Moon- January 12th!

19 Jul 2016
Full Moon-   January 12th!

Full Moon- rockin’ energy! January 12th Time to re-evaluate and start setting your goals  .. changes are here and you must allow yourself to move past the old and  flow with the new.

REIKI Learn Now! self-healing is key

21 May 2016
REIKI Learn  Now! self-healing is key

REIKI Check out our workshop page and see the details of how to learn Reiki energy Healing .-We feature workshops every month and have weekly Reiki circles to  experience this wonderful energy healing vibrations! Reiki Circles group walk-ins welcome! You don’t have to know anything about Reiki, Just come to relax. $8 Mondays 6:10 pm Wednesdays 6:10 pm Thursdays 6:30 pm Saturdays 1:00 pm

How to do “Soul Talking” technique TM

06 Mar 2013
How to do “Soul Talking” technique TM

*all information is copyrighted in the books called “The Energy Exchange” “Soul Talking and Relationships,”and the book “The 2nd Shift Healing.” Click here to go directly to Soul Talking technique TM The Message About this Shifts Beginning & how to Soul Talk If you want to skip this and go directly to “Soul Talking” step by step directions click here Every 11 years a Shift cleanse “happens” this is an opportunity from the light to do a total clearing of the soul. Experiences, connections, occurrence’s that are to be cleansed from the soul, not just our human thoughts but negatives in the soul to be positive in the soul. Releasing.

What are Mandalas?

05 Mar 2013
What are Mandalas?

In Sanskrit, an ancient language of India, the word mandala means circle, center, or sometimes sacred circle. Webster’s Dictionary defines it as “a design symbolizing the universe.” Carl Jung calls them “archetypes of wholeness.” They have been used mainly as a communication tool, to connect with God, the higher self, the inner self, the “source”. Mandalas have been used over time in many countries since ancient time to now for healing and meditation. These are sacred geometry and should be only used with loving intentions.   My name is Jolie DeMarco – I have recently “researched information and channeled healing energies” such as “St. Germain & a higher Spirit called.

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