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Healing Energy Services
Reiki Chakra Balance & Aura Cleanse +Crystals

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 Energy Healing & Specialty Certified Staff :

Angela Updike Angela, an educator for almost 20 years was led into the field of Reiki after some life-changing events. Now, she helps heal others from emotional blockages/trauma and to navigate life’s changes working with angels and crystals in her Reiki sessions. Book her now click here
Jessica Prestia
Jessica is a Professional Reiki provider that will inspire and and elevate your souls energy. She facilitates your self- healing process as a light worker,she inspires and balances you on all levels. She also uses crystals with her sessions. Book her  now click here
Lourdes Rey
Lourdes Rey,M.S is a Re-connective Healing Foundational practitioner, “The Reconnection” Practitioner private sessions along with Reiki Usui and Karuna Reiki Master. Amazing sessions of healing on all levels. Book her now click here
Janet Schinaldi– Reiki Master
Ananda Nelson– Reiki Master

Healing Energy – Learn about different modalities

We have several sessions to choose from, many include Chakra balancing with Auric cleanse, Hara-alignments.Our services are Non-Touch – Reiki, Re-Connective Healing © Crystal Healing, Light Tunnel Healing®,Vibrational-Sound energies with Mandalas.

Reiki is just one modality we administer at My Flora Aura. We combine several energy modalities to support what you need to heal. Combinations of Crystal healing, Shamanism-Light Tunnel,  Reiki and Aromatherapy.

Whether you are Letting go – Releasing, Moving forward, or want optimal advancement, we work with combinations of healing that are necessary for your personal well-being.

Learn about:

Definition of Reiki – reiki {raykee]

Alternative medical treatment: in alternative medicine, a treatment in which healing energy is channeled from the practitioner to the patient to enhance energy and reduce stress, pain, and fatigue. * from the Encarta World English Dictionary

Crystal Healing is an energetic modality of healing. The human energy works with the energies of crystals and their properties to heal, release or advance. These wonderful Properties together work in synergy within and around a human energetic (electromagnetic) field.

We can assist you with crystal energy properties and our extensive knowledge to bring you to your “Zen” state. We have several options on services available with Crystal Healing.

Interested in Something Amazing? Learn How to Self-Heal with these unique healing modalities Jolie DeMarco was channeled to share with everyone. “Everyone needs to know how to self-heal. We can’t always be reliant on others- this is why self -healing is the future.” Jolie believes we all need a jump start sometimes and  it is good to learn through experiencing too. Since  she received these messages  from positive light beings-  Jolie created an Academy of Healing Energy for people to learn and share. You can learn with Jolie online this May 2016 and there after! She features online training for these techniques and  group workshops. Here are some examples of  what you would learn from Jolie:

Moldavite Meteor™ – A Wonderful experience with “tektite” energy. This technique brings  the positive “flow” of energy into your existence.

Intuitive Crystal Healing™ – immense relaxation for your personalized needs.  I teach you how-Supahh-Amazing!

Dimensional Healing™ – past, parallel, or alternate dimensional healing with crystal Energies and Other Modalities of healing combined to help you with your life on earth. ( What an experience!)

Emotional Release – Reclaim your personal power, while experience feelings of forgiveness, acceptance and self-love.

The Shamanic Atlantean Healing™

Advancement of human Life on planet Earth™ Includes Light Tunnel Energy to propel you to your greatness – to further advance your total being. Whether it be for physical, mental, emotional or spiritual – you will “move ahead” with help from the Crystals energies, Angels and Spirit guides of the Light.

Light Tunnel Energy Healing™ is a energetic modality that was channeled intuitively from Spirit guides and ancestors from the Light to Jolie DeMarco

Jolie documented all their teachings from past and present. Light tunnel energy is an All dimensional and parallel life healing. This is a multipurpose healing with the guides coming through to clean, clear, protect and enhance you in your life on this dimension “earth” at this time.

To learn how to be a practitioner and Facilitator this certifies you to give  treatments  and understand the power of self-healing- Please call or sign up -online today!  www.AcademyofHealingEnergy.com  it is an experience you will always remember. Beautiful & healing.

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