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Got a headache? Or Moody? Ur Fix is Here.

09 Nov 2017

This is Lepidolite. I call it Z’ prozac stone. It helps with headaches &  stabilizes your moods. I love this stone. Great to keep in your purse, Better than aspirin.   Crystal junkie Jolie will help you out.. follow me  instagram!!     https://www.instagram.com/crystal_junkie_jolie/

Your Mind says YES. Your Body says NO. See How to sync-up.

04 Nov 2017
Your Mind says YES. Your Body says NO. See How to sync-up.

Noticing what are mind vs. what our body is telling us can be a problem in today’s world. We all have a million things to do and multi-tasking constantly. Along with all that we think we have to be on call with our texting replies! Man, Our minds need a break and at least need to be synced up with our body- at least once a week! How? you ask. All you have to do is take 20 minutes, one day a week and try this polarity meditation. It works wonders. You will feel balanced inside and out, all of you. Tak 20 minutes to breathe and follow the guided.

How to use Soul Talking to Let Go of Negative Attachments

02 Nov 2016
How to use Soul Talking to Let Go of Negative Attachments

By definition, the soul is the infinite energetic part of us that carries, holds or emits positive and negative vibrations. It is not the skin and bones, but the energetic part of us. Your soul is your higher self, the all-knowing you. The human part of you can advise the soul to erase or add whatever you intend with your thoughts and actions. A soul talk is a meditation you can use to cleanse the energy imprint of your soul. It’s basically a “deep-cleaning” for your energy – releasing the junk and replacing it with positive. When you soul talk, you can actively replace negative thoughts, habits and behaviors. Pretty cool,.

Exploring Your Psychic Intuition 

29 Oct 2016
Exploring Your Psychic Intuition 

Have you ever heard a little voice in your head, telling you to do or not do something? That’s your intuition – that ability to understand something immediately, beyond conscious reasoning or logic. It can be difficult in our culture, where we have learned to use rationality as the basis for making decisions, to “give it up,” so to speak, to that gut feeling. But that little voice often comes from our higher self, which is more powerful and knowing than our human self. Believe it or not, everyone has psychic abilities to some degree. Learning to harness your psychic intuition can help you advance greatly in your life through.

Full Moon- January 12th!

19 Jul 2016
Full Moon-   January 12th!

Full Moon- rockin’ energy! January 12th Time to re-evaluate and start setting your goals  .. changes are here and you must allow yourself to move past the old and  flow with the new.

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